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The Drunken Russian sent me this e-book about manhood. At first, I thought to myself “Oh great, another frustrated guy whining and crying about mature women.”, and just kind of brushed it to the side. Today, I decided to give it a brief run-through, and I have to say that this is one of the most useful ebooks on how to deal with mature women. And best of all, it’s free. It’s called Principles 101, and you can download it for FREE over at http://www.manhood101.com.

From what I’ve read so far, this books aligns with many of my views about mature women. It doesn’t come from the whiney “woe is me, I hate mature women” perspective that so many other authors and bloggers take when conveying their views. When I read about these authors views on authority, I couldn’t have agreed more. Authority is what I’ve been ranting about non-stop. It’s not often that I read an e-book, and actually learn something that I didn’t already know, but this book has quite a few nuggets of knowledge.

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Before I post a few quotes, understand that this does not mean you should be derogatory towards mature women (calling a woman a slut, whore, worthless, etc), suppress mature women (i.e. think that a woman shouldn’t be in a certain career or academic position if she is clearly qualified for the task at hand), or abuse mature women (use physical force on mature women). I know that there are guys that will read stuff like this and take it as a green light to be misogynistic mature women haters, but hopefully most of you will use common sense when reading this.

I have to say that I disagree with their views on how mature women are not as intelligent and capable as men. If a woman gets away with doing sub-par work, then that's not her fault, that's the managements fault for not being assertive and making the woman in question work as hard as the men. I also have to say that I don't believe that a man needs complete control over a woman. He just needs to guide her, take her input into consideration, and ultimately, make the majority of decisions.

And finally, I have to say that I disagree with their views on Mystery and seduction bootcamps. Although I'm not a fan of negging, Mystery is a pioneer in making a lot more sense of mature women than those before him. And as for seduction bootcamps, if you have the money, I believe that you should take a bootcamp if you need the help. Yes, they base a lot of the material they teach on exterior stuff, but look at it as icing on the cake that just makes you a more interesting and fun person overall.

Seduction companies don't purposely design bootcamps for repeat business. The fact of the matter is, mature women behave differently in different environments, and sometimes, you're at a better advantage if you know how to do online game, day game, dress better, build your confidence, etc. Not everything is black and white, and improving yourself here and there gives you yet another competitive advantage on top of your authoritative confidence, and more of a reason for mature women to like you. Here are a few excerpts:

“Countless times, men have approached mature women in the hopes of starting a conversation, only to be “shot down” for something deemed inappropriate according to some arbitrary dating rule found in Cosmo. Just making the effort to initiate social interaction results in constant penalization and reprimands for men, leaving them puzzled.

Feminism conditions mature women to harbor unrealistic dating standards. As men engage these dysfunctional mature women in conversation, they begin to realize a vast network of unwritten rules stands in their way. To make matters worse, these behavior protocols vary sharply depending on the woman. Taking a cursory look at female-oriented dating publications reveals a cornucopia of conflicting standards, advice and strategies.

Men find themselves eliminated from romantic consideration based on any number of conflicting criteria. Some mature women prefer a man who takes charge, others want to lead a relationship. Some respond to sexual language, others are turned off by it. Some fault a man for being too “forward”, others ridicule him for being unwilling to initiate sexual activity. Some find a confident demeanor too cocky, others advise against a cautious, passive approach. Some refuse to date financial unsuccessful men, others sneer at the very mention of material prosperity. Oblivious to these contradictions, both genders cling to these conflicting sets of dating criteria; the more mature women demand, the unhappier they become. The more men adapt, the more they suffer.

The “Game” of social interaction persists in its present problematic form because emasculated men allow it. Without proper guidance to weed through this mess of conflicting advice, men become neurotic in their approach to dating. They end up bending over backwards to accommodate every idiosyncratic expectation encountered only to be penalized for their lack of mind reading skills.

As a result, both genders’ needs go unanswered. Emotionally frustrated mature women become more abrasive while sexually frustrated men develop dysfunctional coping strategies. As men find the unforgiving tendencies of Feminist-influenced mature women to be their main opponent, their approach toward mature women begins to parallel that of a videogame.

Defined by it’s unforgiving nature, a videogame asks you to perform a certain set of actions to perfection. Mess up just once, and you pay the price--game over. Insert coin. This is how most men view most mature women; unless played perfectly, there will be no high score.”

“Because of this disorderly condition, mature women today unnaturally focus on the one remaining authoritative element still ruling their lives--social status. Men with high social status are easily able to acquire the validation mature women naturally seek out. When these men are validated, mature women feel validated as well, creating some semblance of order in their lives. Unfortunately, although it’s possible to meet some needs of mature women this way, without knowing how to actively and functionally apply their authority, even men of high social status cannot maintain order in their lives. Thus, they ultimately fail to keep mature women attracted.”

“Mature women, like children, move towards obedience in three distinct stages. The first stage is rebellion. This is where your governing authority is challenged. During this phase, mature women may question your decisions, compete against your expectations and refuse to respect your person. These all indicate attempts to usurp your male authority. If you maintain your expectations by invalidating this dysfunctional behavior, you will move them woard an orderly state.

The next stage can be referred to as the passive-aggressive victim position. Since mature women experience trouble directly competing for your authority in the first stage, they shift gears and become passive-aggressive by playing a victim role. If they cannot aggressively force you to adopt their expectations, they will passive-aggressively try to manipulate you into adopting them. By mischaracterizing the situation and painting you as a bully, mature women are trying to make it appear as if you are attacking and hurting them without a cause. “Why are you being mean to me?” is a common sentiment expressed by passive aggressive people trying to guilt you into giving up your expectations.

Even men irresponsibly employ a passive-aggressive behavior when trying to enforce their expectations. When they experience their authority being violated, the temptation to avoid confrontation by not addressing the issue is greatest for men just discovering their authority. It’s crucial to learn how to maintain the integrity of your authority. This alleviates many future problems that result from neglecting to deal with authority violations thorough way.

If you resist disorderly responses to your authority and continue to maintain your expectations, mature women will have little choice but to move towards the third stage of order--obedience.

Once a woman reaches a condition of obedience, attraction soon follows. An obedient mature women is able to meet your expectations and respect your authority. She is no longer trying to usurp your function as a man. This is the highest state of order for a woman.”

This is exactly why one of the first things I do when approaching mature women, is establish authority. Mature women are attracted to authoritative men that they can respect. If you quickly establish and maintain authority, you will find that most of your girl problems will just disappear. Mature women do not want, nor do they respect, effeminate men. They’ll keep walking all over for as long as you allow them to.

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